16 August 2009

Today I canned.

5 quarts of tomato juice, 4 quarts of tomato sauce, and a gallon of cucumber slices are "crisping" now, in preparation for canning/pickling later tonight. I also sliced two heads of cabbage into 3 (gallon) baggies for slaw, and cut up and breaded and fried okra.

The kitchen, even with two fans blowing at me and all windows open, was sweltering.

I've had a cool shower and I may not run a 2nd time today.

Carl says you can freeze tomatoes. Here's how:

Red tomatoes: put in a gallon baggie and freeze them. When you're ready to cook with them run each under hot water and the peel falls off. Cook as normal.

Green tomatoes: slice them and coat with meal, freeze on a cookie sheet (so they don't stick together) and when frozen put in a baggie.

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