16 August 2009

hubby health

Don't know if I've mentioned, and too lazy to do a search, but th'Mr has gotten injections into his back to stop the pain of osteo-arthritis. These injections "numb" the nerves for a few days up to four months, at which time he returns to the doctor to have the same nerves "deadened." The numbing lasted him about ten days. At the same time he began having chest pains again - so off we went last Wednesday to the cardiologist. Got an appointment to return Friday for a heart catheterization, the heart cath indicated blockages so he got two stents, and now he's home again, feeling fine. Except for the back pain. All other bills can rot, the health insurance premium is priority! LOL. Boy we've cost them a bunch of money these past few years.

I, by the way, am still running every day, but my knees hurt terribly. I'm taking celebrex and naproxen, and I'm usually able to run through the discomfort, but I'd run better if it wasn't. When we see the nerve-deadening doc again I'm going to ask what he recommends...

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