20 November 2008

can you say OCD?

Hours ago I found a "should I read this book?" request from a Shelfari member, and logged in to answer. While there I notice I only had listed 17 books (as books I'd read). Off to the races. I now have 372 books listed, and each one reminds me of half a dozen others I can add.

Time to do something else for a while.

OH YEAH: while we were out, I stopped in AC Moore --at th'Mr's suggestion (no, really! He said, "weren't you saying, on your blog (what, he reads my blog??), that you need a new circular needle, because you don't like the one you are using?") is he a good'un or what-- (did I just nest a couple pair of parentheses? How cool) ...and though I didn't find a #4 clover in a long circ, I did meet a Ravelry member (!) and at her suggestion bought a couple colors of a sock yarn I hadn't tried before.

Pix another time. My tail is sore from sitting at this desk cataloging my shelfari for so long. Go read that while you wait for me to come back.

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