18 December 2014


 I had a minor surgery on one eye yesterday. When I planned this out, I decided to take off the rest of the week, giving myself a four-day weekend. It's my first time off since starting this job in August.

 I'm very invested in my job at the animal shelter, and was pretty sure I'd be popping in all four days, at least to check on the three girls that got spayed Tuesday. Well, here it is, dark, and I'm still at home. My right eye is still a bit blurry; I'm not going to be driving in the dark till that clears up.

 Staycation Day 1: did not go further from the house than garage and chicken coop. I could get used to this ...again :)


moon is midway between 3rd quarter and new.
I'm accomplishing things, while also being gentle with myself.

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