30 November 2014

1960s communication

 I remember talking to my grandmother, "Omi," who was in Berlin-Wannsee on the other end of the phone line, while I was somewhere in the USA... Virginia or Massachusetts or Georgia or Florida or Kansas... waiting for the pause after I spoke and before she heard, while listening to the "holding a seashell to my ear" roar of the big trunk line lying on the ocean floor, the pause that all of us who communicated with loved ones overseas were used to.

 My 2nd favorite invention/innovation of the past 50 years is the internet (first place is digital camera - love love love being unlimited in how many photos I can take).

 I've actually reached my saturation point of internet technology. If ever a blackberry or iphone becomes free to use I may hook up, but for me, for now, it's worth having to go someplace specific (home, or library) to surf; it's nice to be able to say, "I wasn't home; I didn't hear the phone ring."


first quarter moon was 5:07AM yesterday. I was horribly fragile all day long.

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