10 October 2012

zig zag

  Last night I dreamed the wood stove (in use) had detached itself from its piping and walked (like washing machines sometimes do) out of the stoveroom, into the hall, and would have come into the living room but for being caught on the step.

  While I was wondering how to go about dealing with this I looked out the window and saw a huge hippopotamus walking across the road, from Morgan's property onto mine.

  My first thought was to get the camera, to get a record both of the hippo and of the stove and my process of putting it back where it belongs, when I looked out an east window and saw a Huskey sitting in the woods, then quickly joined by several more. I clapped my hands and shouted to make them leave and they did, but then Red (one of the cats) went with them.

  So before I could deal with the stove I had to go retrieve Red, because Huskeys are often cat killers.

  That's when I found the camera, on the computer desk (I thought I'd put it in the kitchen where I sit to read and knit), and looked out the window to see Red hadn't gone with them after all, but was sitting upright near the house, looking after them in the direction they'd gone.

  And then someone from Forestry showed up looking for the hippo.

  What does this mean? I'm overwhelmed? So many responsibilities that I don't know which to take care of first? What I should do is deal with one thing at a time, and the rest will fall into place? Easier said than done.



jana said...

I love reading all your comments on the blog. Is'nt it wonderful to have a place to write them even if nobody else reads them? Well, i do! wish i had that. I have lots of things wondering around in my head.To bad nobody wants to listen to me or even care's to.I took care of my husband for 42yrs. until he passed in 2000. The last few years were hard but i survived.

meowmom said...

why not, Jana? it's real easy to make your own blog here on Blogger or on other sites (I think Wordpress is another good one). I like the feature where if I decide I don't really want those words out in public after all I can "save as draft" and I don't delete my post but it becomes private. I think the internet's getting very user-friendly.

jana said...

well, nothing worth writing down. Besides i would just feel bad again if i read it. lol.