08 October 2012

bad book, good book

  Two of the books on my kindle currently have my attention:

  Ethan Cross' The Shepherd is an intriguing story, poorly written. If I was still logging everything in my ISBN blog, I'd have several paragraphs of poor copy editing to report, not to mention the overuse of simile and adjective. I read to 51% on the kindle, then threw it aside in disgust and turned to something else. Still, the story is interesting enough I'll probably finish it sometime later. The book reminds me of a horror movie, and I'm guessing the author is a fundamentalist Christian.
It'd make a better movie than book.

  Janice Daugharty's Heir to the Everlasting grabbed me with the first paragraph! I don't understand why I don't know her name yet, but that just means I still have her other novels ahead of me. According to the kindle, I'm 9% into the story. So far it's told from the point-of-view of seven-year-old May, in the Deep South during 1913. Daugharty's voice is perfect. I read a few pages to Bob while he ate breakfast and he is interested in reading more too.

  My current brick-and-mortar book is a pb of John Grisham's The Litigators. As one of the cover blurbs says, Grisham isn't getting older, he's getting better. Indeed.


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