26 September 2012

Things dat make you go hmmm

  a couple weeks ago I got an automated phone call from our grocery store saying I may have bought a certain mango which was being recalled, and I should bring it back to the store for replacement or refund.

  several days went by and I forgot to put the mango in the car a few times, and finally it ended up on top of a soil-filled flowerpot near the back door. Brown-bodied flies decided it was a nice snack and I agreed to let them help reduce it to a mango pit ready for planting. There aren't many mango trees in northeastern Kentucky, but I'm always willing to give a seed a chance.

  last night I boiled a bag of chicken (ten pounds of legs and thighs for six dollars = skin, tendon, fat & bones for the animals, broth for me and chicken sandwiches for Bob for several days) and after the cats and dog had picked over the first half of the big pile of scraps, put the rest on a plate on the back porch for our night visitors, which are mostly of the 'possum and 'coon variety.

  I wonder which of them took the mango.

  I also have to wonder about the reason behind the recall and if I've loosed something into the Appalachian wilds that I shouldn't have.



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