27 September 2012

can autism be learned?

  or rather, is it something that can be unlearned if caught early enough?

  I've wondered ...I'm smart, I have a lot of points in my favor, so why am I not successful? I don't have people skills. At least part of the reason for that is (a) I was an only child (b) we moved a LOT when I was little, = (c) I never learned any people skills. I don't know anyone I've known "all my life" except my parents. I don't even know anyone I went to grade school or high school with. I don't know anyone I knew in my 20s.

  I have taken online autism quizzes and scored "high" on them, but I'd like to get a really professional test. Seriously.

  Why? To see if there's a way to unlearn it: exercises, practice, maybe even drug therapy. If I were starting all over in school maybe I'd study it.


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