03 August 2012


 He fell again this morning, and last Saturday, and the day he came home, and several times between he "slid" into the floor (which doesn't count as a fall). He doesn't know why he falls. Not paying good enough attention to what he's doing, he says. Need to be more careful, he says.

  He got up almost without my help this time, though it took a full 20 minutes. First getting the arms under him, then a pushup to get the elbows under, get up on hands & knees, crawl to a chair, get hands, arms, elbows onto the chair, get one foot under him and then finally heave up into the chair. The last part I had to help with but the rest I mostly encouraged.

  What's discouraging to me is that he thinks it's perfectly fine to treat a fall as an emergency and have the EMTs come pick him up, instead of working to get strong enough to pick himself up, and nothing I say so far has convinced him otherwise.

  What worries me most is he'll fall and crack open his head on something, the TV screen, for instance. When he falls, it's always backwards. It's a miracle he hasn't killed himself yet. I don't want him to die; I want him to get back to his old, self-sufficient self.


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