04 July 2012

...three fish, four fish

 Two or three days ago I bought a couple of tiny goldfish at 38¢ apiece, and put them in the "pond" with the plecos. So far nobody's floating. Once or twice a day I go sit by the pond for a few minutes, and if I have a sandwich with me drop a crumb of bread in the water. Growler brought in a small ribbon snake earlier this week, I took it out to the pond as well, and draped it over the rocks at water's edge. A few minutes later, when I returned, it was gone. I suppose that could mean another cat, or a hawk, or something, had carried it off, but I prefer not to believe that. Yesterday while I sat there I heard a plop and saw ripples as a frog jumped in when I leaned too close. Soon I'll find some cattail seed and start "landscaping."

  Today is Independence Day. I'm not doing anything to celebrate --our area is under a burn-ban because of the drought; no fireworks either-- except for the few minutes I stood staring at the mailbox late this morning before it sunk in there wouldn't be mail running today. Bob is coming home later this week. This is scary and exciting, sometimes both at once. I'm so tired and still have so much to do.



Eileen said...

Happy Independence Day!

The fish sound entertaining.

meowmom said...

Happy 4th, Eileen! I love my little pond. I imagine it in 10 years, maybe it'll be a chain of little ponds by then.