13 June 2012


 Little bit at a time, the house is getting decluttered. I really should take "before" pictures to compare the "after" pix to, but I usually don't expect to get as much done as I end up doing. This is the kitchen book case; the top of it has been a catch-all for batteries, tape, super glue, light bulbs, fly swatters, recipes, and random tools & hardware that ought to be in the garage, and dust. Books were crammed in any which way and recipes stuck out all over the place. I got the cookbooks on two shelves now and the recipes in a binder (though there are still more recipes in a box upstairs... little bit at a time; I'm making progress).



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Eileen said...

I know I become accustomed to a mess, and then I finally get around to clearing the clutter it's an amazing feeling. Looks terrific - really like your little cat figurines on top.

My cookbooks are gathering dust in the cupboard above the stove, can't reach them without a stool so rarely used!