03 May 2012


 Still typing among the lurvely paper pile (so that didn't get done yesterday, nor am I any closer to filing taxes), but I did have an amazing 3-hour burst of energy today that got quite a bit of the house decluttered. Laundry is put away, kitchen is clean (but it usually is), a couple tables are CLEARED OFF, and... well, I can see what I've done but to the uninitiated it would probably still look cluttered. Hell, to me it still looks cluttered. I hate to stop, afraid if I do I'll never start again, but this really IS enough for one day. Don't want to burn out... I look around and can say it's a good start. A couple more starts like today's and I'll be proud to welcome unexpected visitors, LOL.

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Eileen said...

If you get done there, my dining room table is covered in paper...I'm lousy at filing! Living with my kids has just made it worse.

Good luck with the clutter!