04 May 2012


 Funky internet today, I tried rebooting, lots of other stuff, made a new joint in the phone wire (of course while I'm skinning the wire with my teeth someone tries to call - HELLO 80 volts LOL), finally phoned the help line and went through their automated system... to find out there's an outage in my area and they'll have it back up by 9:30PM tomorrow! Ick! Yuck!! Ptui!!!

Since I've been cleaning & decluttering all day (I figure that's why the internet went out, probably removed the dust bunny that was holding it all together) and I'm now ready to sit at the computer for a while DAMN IT... played a couple games of Spider Solitaire and ...what's this? All the lights on the modem are green? 26 hours early?

I'd better post about this before it goes away...

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