16 January 2012

that's refreshing

 Why I love to get up early:

Woke up at 5, got up and stoked the fire, which took a while because it was down to embers. From the porch I dragged in the bucket of kindling and sat by the stove till it was "good and going" again. Washed dishes, fed cats, made a pot of coffee, scooped litter boxes, drank a mug of coffee and a glass of orange juice, checked weather, email, facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest, cleaned and sorted Bob's email box, added wood to the stove, piled pillows on the bed, sat in bed knitting on Jami's sock for a while, turned out the light and went back to sleep at 6:45.

Woke up totally refreshed when Bob phoned at 8:15. Got the whole day ahead of me and a large part of my morning chores are already done. I'm a night owl as well as a morning person - one has to be creative to play both roles!

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