23 January 2012

not a bad start to the semester

First exam is out of the way, got an 87 - not as good as I hoped but it's a 'B' and that's fine. This segment is OB & neonate nursing; only one more exam and then a comprehensive final; then onward and upward to Med-Surg for the rest of this, the 2nd semester. Last Thursday in Clinicals I swaddled and held an infant only 30 hours old, what a rush!

Found out today that NObody got an 'A' in the first semester. One came close, with an '89.9' - wow, that's tough. Our class, which began with 37 students, is already down to 26. Still two more semesters to go after this one, and a show of hands today said most of us still need to take microbiology, not the two or three I'd thought. Perhaps we'll get to take it next fall instead of over the summer, since there are so many of us.

I love pharmacology - first exam in that class is next week. Let's hope it loves me too. Medical terminology, and the Latin, is something that seems to come to me intuitively. In that class I have a paper due before Spring Break, I think my topic will be dexamethasone. At this point I'm not even sure I'm spelling it right.

Statistics is cool so far - so far, so good - it's a math "derivative," so I thought it might be something sort of fun to relax with, after the stress that is nursing school. Not too many people feel that way about the maths, apparently, LOL.

Cat count is sort of up to 14 now:

Shorty (half-Siamese, I've had her since 1998); Sapphire (black DLH, was born next door in 1998); Nameless and Booger (black DSH, are both somehow related to Sapphire, born here in '99); Klutz (grey DLH, born here in 2000); Roadie (part Russian Blue, found "in the road" in Lewis county in summer 2004, age a few weeks)... those are our six "oldsters."

Then there's Barney/ Barnie/ Barnacle (black DSH, came from Jennie's Music Barn age about 6 months, in late 2009); Growler (black DLH, probably part Maine Coon, came from Gaston Kill Shelter via Facebook, age approx. 4 months, summer 2010); Sugar and Spike (presumably sister and brother, both DSH white with orange tabby markings, found at 4-6 wks old near Rowan HS, summer 2010); those are the four "kids."

And the newcomers: Red/ Smudge, could be related to Sugar and Spike by looks, but unlikely by location, simply "wandered in," summer 2011 approx age 6 yrs; Jett (miniature (malnourished) black DSH, very feral, began sneaking into the house late fall 2011 - approx age 4 yrs); Tabby/ Tiger (black and brown tabby, probably "belongs" to one of the neighbors but decided he wants to live here, age about 5 yrs); and now UB3 (looks like one of Bob's dad's cat UB's kids, black and white DSH, too wild to assess age, has not been in the house yet but hangs around closer every day).

There's fourteen. Everyone spayed/ neutered and vaccinated, excepting UB3 and that's a matter of time - it's one of my three rules. The others are, "no biting/no fighting or I'll squirt you with the water bottle" and "if I decide your claws need clipping you're gonna let me clip them."

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