26 November 2011


 Who knows the student loan machine?

If, even tho' all the folks who think they know me well tell me I'll be a GREAT nurse, IF, a year or so into my studies I were to decide I'm just not cut out for this field, can I switch to something else without incurring the wrath of the repayment gods?

I'm getting a hot flash just thinking about it.

I still think I'd do well in education (except for my lack of "people skills"), and outstanding in technical writing (if there were jobs in that field).

I wonder if I can put off one of the required AS classes for another year and take more classes toward an AA in the meanwhile.

On the other hand, should I just shut up and finish this degree quickly? And once I've got it, then consider studying toward something else (while being employable thanks to the degree I just earned)? The problem is (I've been told), once one has a degree, there is no more financial aid (including student loans).

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