07 November 2011

Big ambitions

Half-mile walk this morning. First alarm at 5, hit snooze, 5:05, hit snooze, get up, housecoat, alarm (cell phone) in pocket, go check the fire - down to few coals - stir it up, add a handful of twigs, couple sticks, 3 small pieces ... leave dampers open, go make coffee (I'd prefer tea, really, but the plan is go back to bed till 6 and coffee's quicker), check the fire, add a couple big pieces, close damper, check cell phone - 5:20! back to bed, think about it a minute, ahhh get up, get dressed, shoes on, fill sink with dishes & water (the cats expect to be fed right after I wash dishes, first thing in the morning), grab flashlight, sweatshirt, out the door I go - brisk walk down the driveway, walk another 60 seconds - run ! past the next-next door neighbor, there's another 90 seconds, now walk - run - walk, am I crazy, run up hill? Maybe next month. Just walk to end of road, last telephone pole before the next driveway, turn, come back. Walk briskly. Flashlight now and then - not necessary, I can feel the crown of the road. Stars bright overhead, Orion on the way out, Big Dipper on the way back. Sit. Record. Now coffee, dishes, catfood.

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