17 September 2011

should know this by now

 I've spent the past 2 days (stop reading now if you have a weak stomach) with my nose pouring thick yellow snot. I feel like hell. I am sweating, I am freezing. Thursday afternoon I began sneezing - well, hell! It's fall; goldenrod and ragweed are blooming, lotsa people are sneezing. Sure felt like an allergy to me. By sundown I knew better. For a week prior I'd been weepy, depressed, sensitive. That was the bug taking hold. Maybe this time I write it down, next time I'll see it coming. Ya think?

I took an Airborne Thursday morning, so I wouldn't CATCH anything at the hospital! Joke's on me. I hope I didn't pass it on to anyone there. I did wash my hands a lot.

Thank you Jillicle-cat, yesterday I ate nothing but spicy quinoa pilaf, bowl after bowl of it, drank nothing but tea brewed in my pretty Romero Britto teapot. Today I've refined my taste to hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, lots of cold water, and soup from sis Joy. There were some steaks going green in the fridge, they're in a pan cooking slowly for the animals. Why did I buy beef?? Must have been on a serious sale; surely I knew I wasn't about to eat it. I'm even weaning the cats off of beef and pork (she says, mere minutes after taking a pound of bacon out to thaw for Sunday dinner), buying nothing but fish and poultry catfood. I wish they made mouse flavor; that seems like the ultimate in balanced kitty-meal.

I'm babbling. What I mean is, I've been edging toward vegetarianism for a while. Making a dialogue, "why am I doing this?" and answering - partly because of the health aspect, saturated fats. Partly because of the cannibalism aspect, and more about that later, but mostly because I plain don't like most meat! I love gravy. I like organ meats... none of the groceries around here seem to sell beef liver. And I like bacon. But if pigs' physiology is so like human physiology we use them to teach A&P, then that's really closer to cannibalism than I want to be. Crap, think about it, they're even as hairless as we are. I'm laying off mammals as much as possible. (wonder if that's why my resistance is down and I caught this bug? Note to self: put protein powder on shopping list)

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