18 September 2011

it's a cold and I wish it would leave

 Three days in, still miserable. I spent most of Friday resting, but Saturday had to take Anastasia to the drrrrrrrrr for her weekly immunoregulin shot, and today I've tried to sweat it out by cleaning the house and then turning my pile of firewood into a stack of firewood. No sooner had I begun that, th'neighbor came over with his chainsaw to cut up the sleeping walnut. When he took a break to go take out an alternator I took a break to take a shower. Wait, that's not right. I picked up brush into the brush pile, walnuts into milk crates, and 20" logs into the mower's tow-behind wagon. Then I took the logs to the pile and proceeded to stack. Stacked to the top of the fence and then took my worn out, sweating self inside to the shower.

I wonder if I'll make it to school tomorrow. I wonder if it would be advisable to stay home, rather than passing this to the rest of the class. Guess I'll see how I feel at 5AM. I want to go see th'Mr, but I don't want to carry this to there either, I'm sure some of the residents are immune-compromised in one way or another. That'd be worse than carrying it to all those healthy young folks at school. Don't want to drive that far anyway. Just moving the car from the back door to the garage (so I could bring the mower + wagon to the firewood pile/stack) was exhausting. Whah. And I still have to go roll up the windows before it rains.

Just so this post isn't all gloom and doom: Roadie has been in the kitchen every morning for the last 3. Does that mean winter's coming early? Uh oh. It's good to see him, anyway. He looks healthy.

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