06 October 2010

early October

I have split most of the firewood. Goal is to get the first load split before the second load shows up. We've been keeping a fire going most of the time, although the days are still in the low 70s. Fire going, doors & windows open, <shrug> ...it's not as if we use more wood when the house isn't sealed up. I looked over last year's electric bill, and it looks like in October & November is when we use the most kwh. When it's too warm to bother with a fire but too cool to go without heat. That'll be different this year, maybe.

Still have a bit of cleaning up to do around the fence, but the back yard is mown and I've cut down most of the garden. I started on the broken apple tree limbs.

Chimney is good. It had us worried; there was a crack, but it's only at the top. Good, because with everything else going on I really don't feel like dealing with installing a stovepipe through the stoveroom ceiling.

Shorty and Snuffy have been to the drrrr. Shorty's stitches are out and Snuffy absorbed his. I feel bad about that. I don't think they were the absorbable kind.

Bob's had 6 radiation treatments so far. Six down, nine to go. Friday, after the third, he got to feeling bad and felt bad all weekend. The oncologist says it's too early for the radiation to be making him sick and speculated it was the dilantin. Which was low... so now, as of last night, he's on an increased dose of that. But he's been feeling better since yesterday.

Not much else to tell... it's fall break on the Ashland campus but the Rowan campus doesn't observe that till next week. So I'm carrying a slightly lighter load for now. Doesn't matter, I haven't found time nor energy to do much studying. Splitting firewood and pulling weeds is more my speed right now.

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