08 April 2010

month 4 in the sock-a-month club

My April socks, spring-like in color and texture. The yarn is something cheap I picked up at Big Lots, 100% acrylic (what can I say, I wanted YARN. NOW.). The pattern is "mesh stitch" from Lion Brand's "Road Scarf."

The mesh stitch is 4 rounds as follows:
skp yo
yo k2tog

I began toe-up with 20 stitches in a figure-eight cast-on (which I find works best if I tighten it as soon as I've knit the first round), increased 4 stitches every round (k1, m1l, k to last st, m1r, k1) for 5 rounds (total sts: 40), then mesh stitch on one side and stockinette on the other to within 1.5 inches of foot length, then a short-row heel, then mesh stitch all the way around till I felt close to running out of yarn, finishing with a twisted k1p1 till I actually did run out of yarn :), bind off in ribbing.

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