01 April 2010

Ah, resolutions!

Such a simple one, to blog at least once a week... now I've skipped the entire month of March!

So what's been going on... I'm still in school; finished the NAA course and passed it with an 'A' then took the state board exam which I'm still waiting to hear back from. My other three classes are still in session for another month. I missed Sociology class last Thursday because I've been sick; otherwise my attendance has been "perfect."

I've been sick the whole month of March, seems like. The cold started the week after the finals in the nursing course (when we spent 16 hours in a nursing home, as OJT), which was also the week we stopped using the woodstove, hmmm... and has waxed & waned several times since then. Mostly I've been extremely congested from my ears down to my chest. Th'Mr has it too.

Last week we got the garden plowed. Tomorrow we'll get it tilled. Usually we do this ourselves, with just a 30" tiller, but th'neighbor has a friend with a tractor come in and do his, so he did ours too. Th'neighbor also built a new kitchen on his house (the old one was sagging), complete with covered porch and new roof. Then he worried about the pines lining our driveway on both sides of the creek, each of them big enough to do serious damage to his entire house if one fell. So he cut down the ones on his side of the creek. The ones on our side would also reach his house !:)! if one fell, so at th'Mr's suggestion he has also cut most of ours. Daylight! What a difference it makes! I am used to the sun getting tangled in the pinetops by 4PM even in the summer; now we have a much longer day! That's going to make such a difference in the garden, too.

A couple weeks ago I bought & put up a new mailbox and planted pansies around it. The old one had rusted and the door was hanging by one hinge.

The sun is out, the woodstove is cold, doors and windows are standing open and today is supposed to get up to 80F! My jonquils and daffodils are blooming and the forsythia has started. Tomorrow is Good Friday, traditionally the day potatoes get planted, so hopefully he comes through with that tiller, like he said. Saturday it's supposed to rain.

Cats are doing fine. Today is Shorty's birthday. She is 12. Snuffy got neutered last month, so everyone is fixed. Barney's belly finally healed from her spay. Raleigh and Barney play together a little bit, when they're outside. They both want to, but both seem unsure of the other.

Knitting. I started several pair of socks in March and finished one, a pair of footies in Wool-ease. Now's the time to be knitting lighter-weight socks and stop with the wool-ease already. On that note, I've begun a winter scarf LOL, a pattern from the LionBrand website called Road Scarf. I also bought several skeins of Fisherman's Wool for an aran on the same site.

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