31 August 2009

I want a new job

Mistakes in books really bother me. Books are important to me and I don't like sloppy editing.

According to th'Mr, publishing houses used to employ copy editors as well as fact checkers. Copy editing is a job I think I'd be good at, as well as one I'd enjoy. I'm getting too old for this construction shit.

If a fact checker read the paperback copy of a Dean Koontz novel I finished yesterday s/he should have caught the "field of horses" and all the rest: so much more that the protag called ahead to see where her friend would be on her vast three acre homestead.

A copy editor should have caught Mercedeses toward the end of the John Sandford hard cover I finished three days ago.

I've been desecrating my books by underlining mistakes in ink; making notes in the margins. Now I'm taking it a step further. I'm going to publish my findings on this blog, page by page, with ISBNs.

Maybe some publishing house will "discover" me. Yathink?

(a list of the books I've read this year to date is in the sidebar)

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