22 August 2009

another Saturday night

Today I got up at the usual time ...that is to say sometime between 8 and 9, caught up on Mafia Wars for a couple hours (that's a priority I really need to deprioritize), cleaned the kitchen, had a soak in the tub, made brunch of sausage patties and French toast, cleaned the bathroom, made the bed, started folding a batch of laundry and washed a new batch, spent a couple hours pulling weeds and then mowed what I could get to with the riding mower. Then I told th'Mr I was "taking the rest of the day off." I got a beer and a book and climbed into the chairtrap. That was about 5PM. I woke up a little before 8. I said, "I'm going to can tomatoes, what do you want for supper?" He asked what his options were. I said, "Subway." Which gave him a fit of giggles. "And it's on you to go get them." So now we've eaten and I've peeled & quartered all the tomatoes I picked a couple of days ago; they're in a pot simmering and I have water in the canner heating. This is the 2nd day in a row it was forecast to rain all day, and we've had nary a drop - but that's good! I'm ahead of the weeds, the veggies and the grass. Yesterday I canned 9 pints of bread and butter pickles. I hope they're as good as the first batch, but I might have simmered them too long - which may mean they won't be crisp. Yesterday I ran (barefoot - doing that every two or three days), and as is now the habit, the little dog ran with me. She's very weird in that she stops and pees every 20 yards or so - a female marking her turf, what do you think of that?!

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