19 July 2009

diet cat food

Last time I shopped for dry cat food I accidentally picked up a bag of "weight control" cat food. It's Nutro Max, what I usually get them, but apparently this is pretty bland stuff. First Roadie last week was eating dry dog food, then a couple days later Nameless did the same, then tonight Shorty ate the "cracklins" left over from frying cucumbers & tomatoes.

What I did is peel the cucumber, slice it and a tomato about 1/4" thick, dredge in flour, dip in buttermilk, then coat with crushed saltines I'd seasoned with Mrs Dash & some basil leaf. Then fry in a mixture of bacon grease & crisco. When you fry something breaded there are always "cracklings" left over. I scooped those out and drained them, then put on a paper plate for the dog. When I glanced over the cat (the very finicky cat, the one who won't touch any dairy product or usually any meat unless it's chicken) that cat was eating the cracklings.

I feel like a bad cat momma. I'll be glad when that bag of diet food is empty!

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