14 February 2009

Yes I Am A Liberal ...and what this means to me

I believe in sharing. I was taught (by my conservative parents) that if there wasn't enough candy to go around, I shouldn't indulge in my excesses. I took this to heart, if a little reluctantly at first.

I believe I should share. This makes me generous.

I believe everyone else should share -- this makes me a Liberal.

I believe there is enough wealth in the world that nobody should be without food, shelter, comfort, education, health care. I believe these basic needs should be met, without hassle, without question, without hoops to jump through.

Sure, there will be people who are satisfied to live "on the dole." I believe, SINCE THERE IS ENOUGH WEALTH TO GO AROUND, it is the right of every person to take a vacation from toil. Sooner or later they'll want more than the dole will provide, and then they'll work for it. Or not, and that's okay too.

Though I am not religious, I believe it is a sin not to provide for those less fortunate.

Yes, I believe our borders should be open. Give us your sick, your hungry, your weary. Let me repeat it: there's enough to go around.

There's no room in this world for selfishness.

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