15 February 2009

lint, cat, time

Some people think manually de-fuzzing a wool garment is equivalent to an hour in hell. Others find picking and cutting off each lint pill is meditative. I'm in the latter camp.

I like details. Paying attention to them, that is.

Since I'm no good at darning, this morning I patched a sock. Couldn't find any more of the green yarn, so this patch is blue. After I patched, I picked lint pills. Except for the fact there's a blue patch on a green sock, don't they look brand new?

I should have posted a "before" picture. Hindsight, as always.

The socks, after patching and pilling:


Chains of thought have always fascinated me. Like, five minutes ago I was thinking about one thing, and now I'm thinking about something else. How did I get from the one to the other? It's fun to try and unravel the chain.

Chains of events are pretty cool, too:

On Ravelry in your profile there's a space to enter your birthday, if you want to. I did. As a result I now know several Ravelers whose birthays are the same as mine. One of them sent me a Valentine's greeting yesterday. This caused me to go look at her profile again, and since she had linked her blog to her Rav profile, I saw the titles of her last few blog entries. One piqued my interest, I followed the link, I read the entry, saw (in the entry) a link to a pattern that interested me, followed that link to Knitty.com, and decided to knit the pattern.

The pattern was a heart.

I spent all day yesterday knitting this heart, appropriately on Valentine's Day. Well, I didn't spend exactly all day, but I did cast on yesterday, off and on throughout the day I picked up the needles and continued on with it, and eventually, last night, I finished it and presented it to th'Mr.

He briefly considered giving it to his cardiologist, but decided to keep it for himself. I think. At least that's where it stands right now. :)

The heart, unfolded:

The heart, folded, front and back:


I've been neglecting my blog these past couple of weeks, especially in the photo department. I think I have rooted out the cause of this neglect:

I join lists, groups, knit-alongs. If I'm invited I join. If I see something that interests me, I join. If someone I like belongs, I join. I post a few items, add my sigfile, I get responses and email and people come look at my blog and make comments, people look me up on Ravelry and send messages, I feel happy and popular and noticed, and then...

Then I run out of time. I try to read all the list posts, try to follow all the links, and I get overwhelmed. I switch from "individual emails" to "digest" and still I fall farther behind. Suddenly I don't have time to write interesting things people will respond to.

I really don't know how to deal with this. I want to belong and participate. I also want a life away from the computer. I'd hate for the nice people I've met to think I've wandered away because I'm not interested, when it's really the opposite that's true: I'm too interested, in too much!


Roadie, my little alien, isn't feeling well. I noticed a scab on his side, and his side seems tender. Then I noticed a little scab under his jawline. He's spent the last couple days sleeping a lot. Last night I noticed the side of his face is swelling. This morning it was more swollen.

He doesn't like to be handled; he's really a feral cat. Normally we don't even see him when the weather is moderate. In the winter he comes in and decides to be a house cat for a while, but even then he acts spooky, like he's afraid we'll eat him (or something).

Last night he slept with us. At times his loud purring actually woke me up. I know purring is sometimes a sign of severe pain or distress. This really bothers me, one of the animals hurting. Today is Sunday and the vet isn't open.

This morning when I came to the computer, in a little while he came in and lay down on my monitor. I decided to try and clean up his jaw. Got a hot damp washcloth and pressed. Immediately the pus started flowing.

He didn't put up with it for long; once he got away from me he stayed away. An hour or so later I saw him sleeping on the bed again. I prepared a couple washcloths and some neosporin. Picked him up and carried him into the bathroom, shut the door. Applied hot damp cloth, switched to clean hot damp cloth while the first one rinsed, did this a few times. Finished up with a dab of neosporin. Put him back on the bed (he promptly went under the bed).

I don't know if that helps, but it can't hurt. At least I'm getting some of the pus out.I sure wonder what caused that. A fight, sure, but with what? Owl? Hawk? Possum? Racoon? Squirrel? Another cat?

Roadie ten days ago:

Roadie today:

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