20 February 2009


Tuesday, while we were still in Lexington, I finally went by ReBelle and finally got some Cascade220:

I've been wanting to try this yarn out for a while. I bought 8 hanks (1760 yards) so ought to have plenty for whatever sweater I decide to make with it.

Here's my progress on the sweater I'm making out of the Bernat Alpaca:

It's a Berrocco pattern, Valpuri, which I've also had in my queue for a long time and have even started a couple of times, but never finished. I hope I have enough of the Bernat to finish it. If not I'll probably just do the sleeves in a different dyelot.

I found a cool pattern on Ravelry (though I'm really not in the market for another afghan pattern), called Penrose. It's a "play with math" kind of pattern, so I couldn't resist. I have the inside diamonds done:

Next come 8 squares to fill in around the diamonds, then another 8 (or 16, I forget) diamonds, and so forth.

Last but not least, Salida:

This pattern is so much fun to work, and once I've knit a few rounds I hardly have to look at the pattern, but the slightest distraction (the dog needs to be let in or out, the phone rings) throws my concentration off and I might as well lay it down for a while.

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Conny said...

Hallo Julie!

Deine Salidas werden auch klasse. Das Muster kommt gut raus, trotz der gemusterten Wolle.
Liebe GrĂ¼sse,