09 January 2009

split and stack

Today my neighbor delivered another load of firewood. I paid him $150 for it. I said, "Didn't I pay you for both loads..." He said, "I wouldn't cheat you." I said, "I know you wouldn't..." when what I meant was, "I know you wouldn't cheat me intentionally." People forget things. I swear I paid him $350 for the last load, the price to include this load he delivered today.

I guess next year I do it differently, keep records, have a witness, something.

The more I think about it, the surer I am I gave him $350. I remember thinking that was an awful lot for a truckload of wood (albeit a nice BIG truckload), until he said he owed me another load. Then I thought, "$175 is not a bad price."

I'm going to let it go.

I'm not being a doormat. I think of it as karmic... I know at some time in the distant past I ...didn't take advantage of people but rather took advantage of the good nature of people. At the time I needed a boost up, financially. Now I can afford to do a little boosting.

So it's payback time, and I'm not going to resent it.

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