09 January 2009

Goals done, new Goals!

Earlier this week I set goals:
  Finish the first round of rectangles on Cottolac.
  Finish the 16 rounds of ribbing on Twiney.
  Finish the first ball of yarn on Palcalindrome.
  Finish the second sleeve on Trellis.

Okay, that's done (PLUS I finished a BIP: Michael Connelly's Angel's Flight). What shall I do next?

I know, I know, hem the sweatpants th'Mr has been patiently waiting for. whine... But that's not knitting. Okay, maybe. What else?

Finish the next round of rectangles on Cottolac.
Finish the 2nd ball of yarn on Pacalindrome.
Finish Trellis. << that's one cuff, two side seams, two sleeve seams, one collar.
Finish one leg of Twiney (to the heel).
Finish another book.

That oughta keep me out of trouble for a while.

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