05 January 2009

knit video helped my tensioning

Especially in the segment from 1:14 to 1:50, which shows how she wraps her yarn.

I have always knit continental, and lately I've been watching knit videos on youtube, trying to find ways to speed up my knitting. I just stumbled across this one. I've been wrapping the yarn around my pinkie the other way (counter-clockwise if you're looking from the direction of the fingertips)... well, I've only been wrapping around my pinkie for a couple of weeks; before December 19th I'd always wrapped around my index finger, and just a few minutes of doing it this way (as indicated in the video linked in the title of this blog post) got me knitting much tighter. Much enough that I'm wondering if I oughtent finish the projects I'm on in my "old" way.

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