06 January 2009

destashing and killing off fuglies

Today I knit myself a pair of Side Cable Slippers by Dixie Butler. I reclaimed the yarn from a previous fugly that was just taking up space and wasting yarn. Last night I began frogging a bag of fuglies I'd gathered late last year. Mostly they were of bulky wool-ease. One pair of "house sox" were too tight at the heel for th'Mr; I picked apart and plan to refinish the toes to my length. The second fugly became the slippers I have on NOW, and the third... it is still a fugly.

So, most of the day I've spent looking through Ravelry's database for projects made with Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. Found several and got sidetracked several times (and I still have a couple dozen pages to look at ...out of 136).

The Side-Cable Slippers were a quick knit - I can do one in under an hour; this includes the finishing. I used #10 straight needles (which I'm going to toss & replace with a good circ ASAP), did 5 1/2 pattern repeats and ended up with a slipper that snugly & comfortably fits my size 11 (10 1/2 inches long) foot. Feet.

And here are the froggin' fuglies:

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