23 December 2008

Weekend summary, to be filled in later

Thu eve: up till midnite, too stoked to sleep. (only 4 hours sleep; woe is me)

Fri AM: drove to CVH (Cincinnati airport), in rain all the way. The lines on the roads near the airport are very hard to see in dark/rain mix.

9:30 takeoff, very turbulent. Too turbulent to knit! I never get airsick, but it was close this time. My seat was at the emergency exit, and it was a single seat. To my right and left were empty space. Too cool.

Early afternoon landing at FLL (Fort Lauderdale airport).

Rented Nissan Sentra from Continental Car Rental. Amazed at how large the car is; for once I didn't need the seat shoved all the way back to give me enough leg room. Good price: $111 for two days. I've never driven a Japanese car before. I'm really really impressed.

Went to yarn store (Tropical Yarns), bought 6 balls of undyed baby alpaca. Talked at length to (Alice) knitter at store. Owner? Exchanged Ravelry ID information. She gave me tensioning advice I'm now implementing. I'm grateful.

Shopped at Target for items I didn't bring: wrapping paper for Mom's gift, slacks to wear to her party, other stuff. The slacks I'll have to exchange. They fit wonderfully! I love them. They look good. The zipper was broke. How did I miss that? Luckily the blouse I'd brought to wear was long enough the broken zipper didn't show.

Surprised parents at 5PM. I parked down the road from their house, keeping an eye on the driveway, and talked to Dad on the cell phone till I saw Mom pulling in the driveway. Then I pulled in right behind her.

Ate dinner at JT's sports bar; crashed early (9pm).

Saturday morning got up late (8am). 11 hours sleep!

Helped Dad shop for last-minute party supplies: ice, juice, strawberries, disposable lighters (for the tiki lights)

Sat eve: had party, met nice people. Ate & drank, took pictures.

Crashed at 1:30am.

Sun morn: rose at 5am. (only 3.5 hours sleep. Woe is me)

Drove to airport, turned in rental car (that was a spectacle. I pulled in the wrong slot --thought I'd rented the car from Enterprise-- and had to wait twenty minutes for someone to come unlock the guardshack to let me out so I could go to the proper return place).

Flew to Atlanta. I had an empty seat next to me. That's pretty unusual, isn't it?

11am, found connecting flight gate, sat a while.

1pm, boarded tiny plane. Was amazed to be seated next to a (brand new)knitter (Shani). Exchanged email information. Had a great flight.

3pm, landed in Cincinnati. Was picked up by th'Mr.

Got home about 5pm.

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