23 December 2008

Traffic is moving- maybe.

It's past 11:30 at night. I got off work at 5:15. In the first five miles I saw six wrecks. I myself got sideways on a bridge, doing only forty mph, and learned that turning "into" a skid really goes against the instinct! Since before 6PM I have been sitting on I-64 a mere 12 miles from work (thus 38 miles from home) waiting for traffic to start rolling again. My gas tank is below a quarter, my cell phone is down to 2 bars, and I'd sure like to pee. Tomorrow the temperature will be 63F, but right now there's ice on the highway.

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Jenny said...

I got stuck in that too, just outside Huntington. I ended up spending 2 hours knitting my boyfriends Christmas scarf.

meowmom said...

Don't you feel just ~smug~ that you had something to do besides grumble about being stuck? I know I do.

Jenny said...

I swear I could hear the two guys behind me cussing! Meanwhile, there I sat, happy as a clam (except a few times when I dropped the working needle and had to hunt for it), but beyond that, I was much more patient. I also understood the need for a restroom. As soon as I got off the interstate, I headed for the nearest McDonald's and peed.