16 December 2008

At work I hear stories...

A woman, after going through a five-year union electrical apprenticeship, married a union ironworker. He didn't want her to work; in fact he wanted her to drop her ticket. She told me she had to sneak and pay her union dues every month. After five years they divorced, and now she's back to work (and thankful she kept up her ticket). I asked why he didn't want her to work; was he making plenty of money? Oh, no, she said. They barely made ends meet. That's what I thought: electricians normally earn a higher wage than ironworkers. On hearing my husband is not a construction worker my coworkers often ask me what he thinks of me out here working a trade. "He thinks it's great," I say. I wonder at the type of man whe would have a problem with it. I really do.

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