09 November 2008

projects update

Remember my co-worker, the one with the premature baby? Wednesday, with obvious relief, he said he'd taken "a DNA test" and the baby isn't his. He's positively ecstatic. "I've been wanting to get away from her for a while, but with the baby I was afraid I was gonna have to marry her."

So I'm left with a completed hat & booties, and no-one to give them to. Oh well, someone will turn up. When they do I'll weave in the ends and add a bit of ribbon or I-cord, and have a quick gift.

I'm a little further on my 2nd Henley T-shirt. Already thinking about the next one, maybe incorporating some cables or other pattern into it and working in a solid color. This one is an experiment in stripes. I've got a theory that by varying the width of the stripes just slightly (dropping from 19 rows to 15, forex), I can control how "hourglassy" the wearer (in this case me)'s figure looks.

Began a trellis in the pink marl Bernat I bought last Thursday. Not far enough you can see what it is, but it's such a small pattern it should knit up quickly. I was such a novice knitter when I made my first trellis. Not that I'm any great expert now ...but there's been improvement.

I really dislike this kneedle, btw. It's one of the first circs I ever bought, a cheap metal 16" #4. It's too slippery and at the same time the tips are all wrong: too much taper and not a sharp enough point. I know I have another #4 circ somewhere, if not more than one, but I can't lay my hands on it.

Heh. "Kneedle." I like it.

Started the final SKP2008, the Olympic Medal socks. I got as far as the heel of the first sock and stalled. It's not a pattern one can knit while watching a movie; it takes a bit of concentration.

Henley, and the unnamed shopping bag (to be felted), are my movie knits.

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