03 November 2008

Election eve

Worked today. Working tomorrow, Wednesday, & Thursday, then taking SEVENTEEN days off! It's a two-week vacation I've had planned for six months, but since the work-week is only four days, the fourteen days off magically stretch to more.

Th'Mr is at a book event in Pikeville (or probably on his way home now), my computer is at the geekdoctor's getting a video card transplant, so I'm on his box checking my email & cet.

Tomorrow is election day.

Day after tomorrow maybe my nerves will stop raising my hair off my scalp every time the election gets mentioned! I hope I'll feel like celebrating :)

Fixed myself a light dinner of rice. In a bit I'll shower, then knit. work another pattern repeat on the final skp sox. It's a beautiful pattern. Unfortunately there has been a bit of squabbling among the fastest finishers. Seems someone's always got to squeeze the good out of what should be a happy thing.

Oh well, at least it's not me!

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