01 November 2008

election eve eve eve morning

Love these three-day weekends. Yesterday th'Mr & I were gone on errands most of the day, but that still leaves a full weekend at home.

The the final leg of the 2008 Sock Knitters' Pentathlon was announced a day early (Oct 31), and I've got the cuff and one pattern repeat of the first sock done. Worked on the alpaca Henley a little bit, and this morning knit a preemie cap (boots to follow) for a co-worker whose girlfriend had their baby six weeks early. The little boy weighs less than five pounds. I can't imagine! Each of our cats is double that, or nearly so.

Man. That's tiny.

Trying out the new browser from Google, Chrome. < < that's a link to the download page. I still need to do some tweaking but so far I like it. th'Mr is especially impressed with its speed compared to Firefox.

Klutz still has an ear infection. In addition to the ear drops from the Drrr, I'm feeding her yogurt... which she likes when tuna's mixed in with it.

In other cat news, we're trying out Science Diet cans. Compared to what we had been using (9Lives), SciDi has the juice permeating all the food in the can, instead of one dry lump sitting in a puddle of juice. Everyone likes the SciDi, even Shorty and Roadie. It's a little pricey, but worth it. Read about nutrition in pet food and why you should check the label here.

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