09 August 2008

engrossed in a new book

Tom, my toolie, mentioned to me last week a book his daughter (a reader) raved on and on about, which then his wife (NOT a reader) read in two days. This morning he brought it in; I began it before work, took it home (to the old apartment, that is) with me and am 200 pages into, with no interest in stopping The book is Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer.

I did finish the Niven/Pournelle book, but I'm disappointed. The first half was great. The second half I found a waste of time. It could have been neatly split into two books, with each appealing to a type of reader but neither appealing to both. If that makes sense.

Updating my booklist (on the right, over there...) I did a whimsical count and am astonished to find I've already finished as many books this year as I read all last year.

OTOH I've only finished 9 knitting projects.

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