19 July 2008

text messaging snippets

This went on a week ago. Now the siding job is about done and JE is heading home tomorrow. I'm still in Charleston, having worked 13 days in a row. Tomorrow I do laundry and take naps. I'm homesick, but realistic. But anyway, the last-weekend snippets the title of this post refers to:

He: JE was wondering if u'd do 7 days this week.
She: Why was JE wondering that?
He: I dunno, but he asked last nite. Probly hoped u'd come home for a nite.
She: And work on the house lol.
He: Nah. Like a lotta guys, he's got something of a crush on u. If I keel over, prepare 2 b swarmed.
She: Made me laugh.
He: S'true tho.
She: Don't you dare keel.
He: Have no interest in keeling. Want 2 keep u 4 myself.

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