09 June 2008

too hot to knit

It's been a no-knit week. Saturday night during the movie (which was a dud; don't waste your time) I actually pulled out a felted bag I'm working on, but never knit the first stitch. Think I was waiting for the movie to begin. It never did.

I have, however, made progress on the little "Family" cross stitch, and this week I brought along (to my work-week apartment) the material for what will hopefully be my first real quilt. I bought the material sometime last year. The pattern is called Nine Patch Nirvana and it's on a block-of-the-month site. I'll have to look it up at the library, so I can begin cutting my material to size.

Currently on the needles are...
* both socks of the 2nd round of the pentathlon, both of which are now in the heel flap
* the Henley T-shirt, knit top-down and though still up around the armpits somewhere definitely recognizable for what it is
* a bag in Paton's Merino, striped and destined to be felted. Hopefully destined also to be either a shopping or a knitting bag
* the My So-Called Scarf, found in a jacket pocket while cleaning out the closet
* three-tone toe-up sox
* basket-weave dishcloth
* log cabin afghan in wool-ease
* mosaic blanket I was making for Dad (th'Mr'Sr), who now no longer needs one :(

Thoughts of next projects include...
* kitty dreams, felted
* light-weight black sox for th'Mr
* thick-toed sox for myself, to guard against steel-toe-boot bruising
* reading glasses cases

Right now I'm more interested in knocking out all the cross stitch kits I've collected than knitting, since it's so-o-o-o hot-t-t-t. Too hot for a lapful of wool (or cotton, or silk, or bamboo).

There are (probably minor) family problems too, more on that later. The good thing is I won't be spending my days off taking trips to Indiana until these problems resolve themselves.

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