27 March 2008

All those ends go faster in company...

The Fair Isle socks are done. Last night at KCYC I finished the toe on the 2nd one, and tonight at East Tenapa (sp?) Mexican restaurant in Milton WV (a Ravelry meetup) I finished weaving in all the ends, and even knat another inch on my pentathlon gansey sox.

The meetup was cool! I hope I get a chance to do that again. I know next Thursday I'll be on my way home for a three-day weekend, but maybe another time.

On a less happy note, my next door neighbor (at the apartment, not at home), Beth, told me tonight her place is infested with RATS! She said they are big sewer rats, she saw them coming out of the woods, and they ate her couch. I immediately put my alpaca yarn in the freezer (oh, did I mention? Last night at KCYC I bought eight balls of Frog Tree alpaca to make a scarf I saw in one of the magazines --Knitter's, I think-- that has stripes which do a cool, open twist at the ends. I'll find a picture and post it soon.) I should probably put the cotton I bought last week (for a gansey sweater, did I forget to mention that too? Six hanks of a lovely blue and one of deep green (for swatching), and a pattern, and a #6 circular) in the freezer too. Th'Mr strongly suggested I get some DCon, but I can't justify killing rats for being what they are meant to be. He answered, "They're not meant to be roommates..."

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