24 December 2015

annual year-end blues

 this time of year especially, horror at the cruelty of the human race overwhelms me and I find myself considering vegetarianism... and wondering if I have the discipline to restrict myself to champagne and orange juice, the mature leaves of green vegetables, and the unfertilized eggs of free-range chickens.

  and then I consider that I live with a host of small carnivores, not just the cats but my spiders too. What to do what to do


moon phase waxing gibbous, full moon in 18 hours and 9 minutes


18 December 2015

Imagine that


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  Longmire Music - S1E1: "Pilot" - TuneFind
Jun 3, 2012 - Songs with scene descriptions from episode 1: "Pilot" from Longmire Season 1. Listen to previews, get ... Transcendental Blues by Steve Earle.

three minutes into the pilot of the series I knew that voice and style, and I honestly couldn't name you three Steve Earle songs (The Revolution Starts Now & Won't Drive a Truck Anymore). I don't think I've ever recognized a musician that readily.

moon came to First Quarter at 10:13 this morning

28 March 2015

dance it



dance it

first quarter was yesterday morning


09 March 2015

waiting for book #6

 Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

  My favorite characters, from book #1 onward, have been Arya, Jon, Tyrion, and Daenerys. Closing book #5 I now think D is an idiot, and I don't believe anyone's dead until I see their head rolling around some distance from its body.

  Having been married to an author I do realize that writers don't write as fast as I read, but this won't be the first series that's lost my interest because of long lag time between books. 2017? Seriously??


  Yeah, I know. I hate spoilers though.

  and as to what's going on in the rest of my world - my awesome mechanic of a neighbor told me I need to trade my car in soon -- before the undercarriage falls out (I gather all that's holding it in is rust) and I'm no longer able to trade it except for some scrap metal cash. So if you see Ed McMahon walking around, please let him know that $7000 per week even till just the end of this year would not only solve my car problems but my plumbing, mortgage, and insulation problems as well. And tell him I deserve it, if you think I do.



moon was full four days ago. I am taking things in stride.

24 January 2015

first tracking snow of the season

 The foster kittens have never seen snow. I love the way animals take new things in stride.

the moon is 4 days past new; the light you see is artificial.


18 December 2014


 I had a minor surgery on one eye yesterday. When I planned this out, I decided to take off the rest of the week, giving myself a four-day weekend. It's my first time off since starting this job in August.

 I'm very invested in my job at the animal shelter, and was pretty sure I'd be popping in all four days, at least to check on the three girls that got spayed Tuesday. Well, here it is, dark, and I'm still at home. My right eye is still a bit blurry; I'm not going to be driving in the dark till that clears up.

 Staycation Day 1: did not go further from the house than garage and chicken coop. I could get used to this ...again :)


moon is midway between 3rd quarter and new.
I'm accomplishing things, while also being gentle with myself.

30 November 2014

1960s communication

 I remember talking to my grandmother, "Omi," who was in Berlin-Wannsee on the other end of the phone line, while I was somewhere in the USA... Virginia or Massachusetts or Georgia or Florida or Kansas... waiting for the pause after I spoke and before she heard, while listening to the "holding a seashell to my ear" roar of the big trunk line lying on the ocean floor, the pause that all of us who communicated with loved ones overseas were used to.

 My 2nd favorite invention/innovation of the past 50 years is the internet (first place is digital camera - love love love being unlimited in how many photos I can take).

 I've actually reached my saturation point of internet technology. If ever a blackberry or iphone becomes free to use I may hook up, but for me, for now, it's worth having to go someplace specific (home, or library) to surf; it's nice to be able to say, "I wasn't home; I didn't hear the phone ring."


first quarter moon was 5:07AM yesterday. I was horribly fragile all day long.

22 November 2014

new moon in Sagittarius

 New Moon; 7:33AM. I woke at 7:27, knowing it.

New moon. A time of new beginnings. For me a time to sob uncontrollably, till the cats have gathered around me (21 of them now), trying to purr me comfort; even the chickens come to the window, clucking concern.

I sob, I cry, I take a break to wash the sheets, wash the dishes. A time of renewal, so I wash everything that isn't put away in closet or cupboard. The throw rugs. The blankets. I clean off my desk. I take away the recycling gathered on my porch. I take a load to the charity shop. I cleanse.

Cleansing myself with tears, but they're never enough. Always more. The heartbreak does not wash away.

A time to break habits. I've begun chewing my nails again, drinking before noon. Facebook games. Time to tighten up, to use the time allotted more wisely. To what purpose, the sad core of me asks. Why bother? The habits I'd most like to break are breath and heartbeat.

These cats (21 of them), they have no place else to go. I feed them and give them warm soft places. I've taken away any survival instinct they had. They --my responsibility to them-- are all that keeps me alive.

14 September 2014

gratitude week

 I was tagged to list three things for which I'm grateful, each day for seven days.

Day 1...
I'm grateful that I found my soul-mate, and that I had the opportunity to spend 12 years with him. Bob Sloan you taught me so much, not least you taught me to know myself. I will always miss you.
I'm grateful for my upbringing. My dad was in the USArmy and my mom was German, so I saw much of the US and Europe before I was ten years old. It gives one a different perspective, though I did --for many years-- waste a lot of time wishing I had an answer to "where are you from; where did you grow up?"
I'm grateful for where I live now. Now I can say I'm from Morehead Kentucky. I've lived here almost 14 years --six years longer than I lived in any other locality-- and I've been in this house twice as long as any other house previously. This is my home.

Day 2...
I am grateful for my family: my birth family, my inlaw outlaw family, and my adopted family ( the ones that took me on when Bob was dying and includes me in all family events )
I'm grateful for my animal family - the cats especially, but also the chickens, the guineas and bees, and the seasonal animals that visit me -- old mr. possum, the flock of turkeys, the deer and hummingbirds and all the other strays that let me feed them
and I'm grateful to have a job that I'd literally do for free.

Day 3...
I am grateful for books. If you get it, no explanation is needed. If you don't get it, no explanation would be sufficient. I've learned spelling and logic from books. Books have distracted me when I could find no comfort and have inspired me when I had no ideas.
I am grateful for water. My sign is an air sign, but water is my element. I love the ocean and the rain. I can watch a creek or river all day long. If my water heater was large enough I'd happily stay in the shower for hours. Nothing is as refreshing as a glass of cool water. Water nourishes.
I am grateful for the internet, one of my favorite "new technologies." On the internet I've made more and closer friendships than I ever had before, because I express myself better in writing than in spoken words. Without the internet I'd have never seen the picture that initially brought me here - Sapphire and Ruby as kittens, eating cat food on Bob's kitchen table.

Day 4...
I am grateful for earth - I _am_ a dirt dauber and never feel quite right till winter's over and I can get my fingers in soil.
I am grateful for people; friends and acquaintances. Lately I'm around a lot younger people than I'm used to - a lot of twenty-somethings - and it's really been fun; I never know quite what to expect. I'm looking forward to going to the nursing home for clinicals and being around the older folks too. And I even have some new friends that are my own age. I love my facebook friends; the ones I've never met yet hold a special place in my heart. I'd like to gather you all together here on the farm.
I am grateful for wine, red wine, even though thanks to one of the fosterkitties it's now all over my keyboard.

Day five...
I am grateful for my appliances. The washer and dryer run daily. The fridge never quits. I hope I'm not jinxing them like I apparently did my shoes, because I've had 2 good pair fall apart this past week, and two more that I'd like to return where I got them.
I am grateful for wind and clouds and air in general. I love a breeze and one really good memory is sitting on the back porch with Bob while he pointed out that sometimes you can hear the wind roaring thru the trees up on the ridge, while down here in the holler the windchimes hang perfectly still and silent.
I'm grateful for memories.

Day six...
I'm grateful for fire. Heat and electricity and the lightning I could watch all night. I love a bonfire --even tiny ones-- and candle flame.
I'm grateful for weekends, days like today that I spent in bed with books (studying for two tests) and a sick kitty, just drowsing and cuddling all day. Days without outside responsibility. Days off.
I'm grateful for tears, such a release, and emotions in general.

Day seven:
I am grateful for karma, my belief in it, without which some of the injustices in this world would be just too much to bear.
I am grateful to the moon for controlling the tides, for lighting the sky and for giving us a calendar.
I am grateful for colors, the many many infinite colors in nature. The trees alone hold every color in the spectrum as the year turns.
and one bonus gratitude:

I'm grateful for life; not just my own and the people I love, but the tiniest insects and plants that together make this earth a complete and independent organism.

10 September 2014

cats cats everywhere cats

 I've been given keys to the kingdom --to the gate and doors of the animal shelter, that is-- so I've adjusted my work schedule to begin half an hour earlier. I like starting before anyone else gets there; it feels like I get more done when I'm alone. Also I can theoretically beat the mad rush for the gate at noon: last one out locks it. I say "theoretically" because I still manage to work past noon...

...well, not today. I was done and ready to go by eleven. Said good bye see ya tomorrow to the kitties, threw my trash bags into the wheelbarrow and my camera and flea comb into my pocket and hit the door.

Way at the other end of the parking lot, where I park, near the dumpster, because, well, why not? I'm taking out the trash right before I leave... I see a black cat sitting, looking at me. I said, "hi, kitty," and kept pushing the wheelbarrow toward the dumpster. Cat got up and trotted off. I thought, "my, what a skinny black kitty, what a ragged tail on that long-haired black kitty," and after tossing my trash and parking my 'barrow, I went back inside to fill a newspaper fold with kibble for it. Then it hit me. Is that Sapphire???

Sapphie's been missing. The last time I saw her was last Friday morning, or possibly Thursday evening. She tends to "go walkabout" so I'm not overly concerned, but she's sixteen and has skin problems and her tail is very ragged, and --although she did catch at least one hummingbird this summer-- she's well, she's old and frail. Could she have hitched a ride underneath the truck and been living out of the shelter's dumpster ever since?

I looked and I called and I crawled around the vehicles permanently parked there, but didn't see that shadow cat again. So I went home. I'll be back early tomorrow, and hopefully, if that's indeed my Sapphire (Bob's Sapphire; she's lived in this house 2 years longer than I have), she'll come to me.

So then I went home. Greeted the dog, a couple of the cats, the chickens and guineas and was walking around the chicken enclosure looking for eggs when I saw Alice. Skinny Alice, who had been quite wide through the middle just 24 hours earlier. Alice who'd had her kittens this morning. I knew this, because I got rid of the dead one and put a fresh towel under the other four, but I'd completely forgotten about it till just then. It's nice to have a job that so thoroughly distracts me from the rest of my day-to-day drama.

Well, the four are still on the couch and still warm and not making a lot of noise, so I assume either she's taking care of them and just stepped out for a break when I got home, or is not taking care of them and they're too young to make a lot of fuss about it. Time will tell.