09 September 2014


 kind of angry right now.

an envelope came in the mail today, addressed to th'Mr, hand written address on the envelope. Return address, Dave something, somewhere in California. The envelope was 5x7", pale blue. The kind a greeting card comes in. Happy anniversary, Heard you were sick, etc. I put off opening it, thereby putting off replying to an old friend of Bob's who just recently heard --or hadn't heard yet-- that he is gone.

Gone. *poof* disappeared.

So I put off opening it, till right before leaving for class tonight. Inside is an invitation to try DirectTV. Yeah, that pissed me off. I'm not likely to try DirectTV, not that I was inclined to before today.


There oughta be a law. Then again, what good would that do? I still get plenty of advertising phone calls, though I've been on the Do Not Call registry for years; and yes, I do renew every year.


I'm working now, finished out my first pay period Friday and will be paid the end of this week.

How that came about, the job I mean, is I really needed to get out of the house. I went to Florida in April and when I came back I started helping out someone who wanted her house cleaned a few days a week. She's a relative, so it felt icky taking her money, so eventually I started doing something else.

...which was volunteering at the local soup kitchen, which I'd been meaning to do ever since the tornado tore up West Liberty KY and I learned we have a soup kitchen here locally.

Once I figured out when I'd be most useful I showed up there every weekday morning at 6:45 and worked till 9 or 10, by which time a gob of other volunteers usually showed up. The owner/manager said he'd be a reference for me on job applications if I needed him to.

Then I joined a friend (who is also the mother of a friend and the mother in law of another) volunteering at an animal shelter a couple county lines --a fortyfive minute drive-- away one day a week. After 3 weeks of that, the manager of the shelter told me my local shelter really needed someone to work with the cats. So I volunteered there. Five mornings a week. After a week of that, the fellow who is (now that I'm hired) my boss' boss, suggested I put in an application.

I can write my own schedule, as long as I keep it at or under 20 hours a week.

My friend I went to the other animal shelter with also stood as a reference for me.


Believe me, there's nothing like having a job you'd do for free.

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