21 January 2014

winter wonderland musings

 I used the big leaf rake, and then a broom, to clear the snow off the car. Halfway through I stopped, startled by the memory of midnight, when I'd decided to go outside and roll up the car windows. I'd had them down for several days, airing out the car of its musty shut winter smells.

 Now there's about 4" of snowman-quality snow on the ground, and still falling. The next few days are going to be bitter cold again, into the single digits at night - not as cold as a couple weeks ago, but lasting longer.

 I laugh at the tendency of people to panic every time the weather turns, running to the store for white bread and toilet paper, but am I really any different? I'm heading to town for bird seed and cat litter.

1 comment:

Gin said...

The birdseed isn't an absolute necessity, but heaven forbid we run out of cat litter!!!