01 January 2013

"dualing" earworms

 Two songs running thru my head at once this morning.

It's the Hap-happiest time of the year (ding dong)

Smokin' cigarettes and watching Captain Kang-kangaroo

I hope that isn't going to set the tone for the new year. I'm kind of down, but I always am this time of year. I only have two resolutions, and they're both kind of broad:

live healthier

I've been doing quite well at decluttering the past couple of months, but one thing I've noticed is it doesn't STAY decluttered. So now I'm going to focus on keeping areas neat once they are.

As for living healthy, don't ask! I need more exercise, a better diet, less junk food, less junk drink and a better attitude.

I read 98 books last year. There were a few I quit in the middle of (I only count among the 98 those I actually finished) and a few I should have tossed aside but read anyway. There are a couple I'm reading now. One is fiction - I'll probably toss it aside though it's a pretty good read. Why? This year I want to focus on my text books. Maybe after reading one, or a large section of one, I'll reward myself with some fiction? We'll see.

Grrrl snapped another cable this weekend. Tractor Supply called their vendor, who said they'd replace it, this once, without a receipt, but suggested I consider a logging chain instead of cable for this dog. It's supposed to be rated to 150-lb dog. Grrrl weighs barely 60, and this is the 2nd one she's broken (plus one heavy-duty tie-out stake).

Bob wants to sleep all day, or lay in the recliner, fully reclined, all day. I don't think I'm serving him well by keeping him home, though it's where he wants to be. Yesterday I began making phone calls too late in the day and everyone'd already packed up for the holiday. Setting up a new appointment with the neurologist is priority, and there's where my hopes lie now. Bob and I both acknowledge that as far as his mind goes, he either "hasn't lost" anything or he's regained it all. It's just the body that's not cooperating. He can't walk. He can't balance.

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