18 November 2012

wakey wakey

 Trying to convince Bob it's time to get out of bed:

 Are you ready to get up? He nods his head yes.

 Right now? He shakes his head no.

 He says, are you making coffee or tea?

 I say, there's coffee made.

 He snores.

 Next resort: start breakfast. I'm frying bacon. Next will pour off some bacon grease for later, fry sausage. Slice potatoes into the bacon/sausage grease. As potatoes fry, add onion and garlic. Let the aroma convince him it's time to get up (noon by now). Tell him, let's get up before I put the eggs in. That usually does the trick.



Eileen said...

MMMMM...bacon and coffee...my two favorite morning smells!

Madge Bloom said...

Love those smells from the kitchen...