08 September 2012

rough day

 It's always on Saturdays, and our local hospital is ...maybe not exactly shitty, but not far from it. I don't want to take him there, but the shape he's in I had to practically carry him from the chairtrap to the bed, and I couldn't pour him into the car, I doubt even with the neighbor's help. The neighbor has his own heavy load to carry today anyway. A good friend of his died --at that same hospital-- yesterday. The guy went in to have a bit of lung cancer removed and before he even had a chance to go back home got pneumonia and died. I hate going there. Even our family doctor has divorced himself from the place and now if I take Bob there he has to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get them to share their findings with him.

 So here we are on a Saturday, again, although he was feeling "a bit puny" yesterday and I should have seen it coming, but again the infection has flared up and all I can do is keep him hydrated and comfortable and double up on the antibiotics he has left... till Monday morning. Or I could try to get him into the car and drive him an hour and a half to a better hospital.

 It's been that kind of a day. Was getting dark outside before I realized I haven't even checked the mail today, or combed my hair, or eaten anything beyond a piece of toast.




Eileen said...

Though we've never met, I am thinking of you and hoping things improve soon.

Take care, not only of your husband but of yourself as well.

meowmom said...

Thanks, Eileen. I feel like we know each other anyway. I think I did right, doubling his antibiotic and encouraging (by whatever means necessary) sleep. He was up for 3 hours today and ate some oatmeal, drank some cranberry juice, ate some grapes. I'm encouraged, but I'm also out of wine. Tomorrow's another day.