14 April 2012

The Trayvon Martin thing

 In 1980 I noticed a tiny little article, five lines on page A13, about a new sexually transmitted disease that destroyed the immune system and kept mutating, like the flu. At the time I was living in Arizona, and I remember showing my roomates the article, predicting, "this is going to get huge." I'm sorry I was right, but sometimes I just know these things.

Now this. I read about this unarmed black teen shot by a self-appointed hispanic neighborhood watch person and wondered, "WTF, why is this guy not in custody yet? No matter what happened, proper procedure would be to arrest him immediately." Procedure wasn't followed, and Martin's family has been sitting there stunned, and in the meanwhile the rest of the nation is sitting there scratching its collective head wondering WTF?, and it's turned into a circus. What really happened? My theory is Trayvon Martin saw something he wasn't supposed to. He probably had no idea what he saw, but some "cowboy," thinking he'd make points with his superiors, eliminated him for damage control. This might as well come out now, or else when it does it'll just be messier. Zimmerman made a mistake because he was the wrong person for the job, and those responsible need to own up, not protect him. He's more expendable than an innocent teen was, and that's all I plan to say on the matter.

*ten minutes later* Call me paranoid, but the fact that my browser persistently locks up when I try to post this just proves my point. *hides from the helicopters*

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